Speaking of your First Comic…

Okay, comics fans, this one’s all for you.

What was your first comic book?

I actually have a lot of trouble remembering my first one, but I think the very first one I got probably starred this guy.

That’s Super Goof, who made his first appearance back in the ’60s. Obviously, it was Disney’s Goofy. He had to eat Super Goobers to gain his amazing powers — superstrength, flight, bulletproof skin, etc. And apparently, the goobers also caused his costume appear. Either that, or it made his clothes disappear, since his costume was just some flannel long underwear.

But here’s the cool thing — as far as I can remember, the second comic book I ever owned was this one:

Yes, that’s the classic Detective Comics #408, from 1971, with the cover story of “The House that Haunted Batman” illustrated by Neal Adams. Brilliant stuff, with a villain (Hugo Strange, perhaps?) trying to drive Batman insane with a fake haunted house, including that lurid dissolving Robin bit.

Anyway, enough of my big firsts — what were your first comics?

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