The Future?

DC Comics has released a new teaser image where they hint at some upcoming events they’re working on. Click here for the full image.

Among other things, they’ve got lots of superheroes who are apparently working with the bad guys. They’ve got the Martian Manhunter hanging out with the Joker and Catwoman, they’ve got Mary Marvel hanging out with Eclipso and Granny Goodness, they’ve got three different versions of Superman, including the Cyborg Superman, the Superman from “Kingdom Come,” and a Superman wearing an all-black costume.

You’ve also got the Trickster from the ’60s wearing the costume of the irritating kid Trickster from a couple years ago and carrying the Piper’s flute. I’m not sure which of the Tricksters had the worse costume, but I’d like to think that even I could pick out something more fashionable.

Beyond that, I dunno. There’s no way to tell if teasers like this will be accurate in any way. I find myself most intrigued by the bit with the Martian Manhunter — as silly as his old “Brazilian hoochie-koochie girl” costume was, I haven’t been at all fond of the new “I’m a brooding emo loser with a pointy head” version of him. If this storyline would turn him back the way he was, I wouldn’t mind a bit.

How ’bout you? See anything in that image that you think looks like it’ll be interesting?

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