Destroying the World


Sometimes, you just gotta blow it all up…

A very common comic book theme is the end of the world — or at least, the looming end of the world, which can only be forestalled by people in colorful jammies having lots of crossover events and repeatedly punching some bad guy with a really, really evil grin. Thank goodness stuff like that never happens in the real world, right? Right?


The Signs of Witness blog covers a wide variety of threatened real-life Ragnaroks, from terrorist attacks to super volcanoes to Satanist presidents to Chinese pollution to biowarfare to North American piranha to far too many nervewracking reports of global warning. And much, much, much more.

It may sound like unrelentingly grim reading, but the folks running the site have a pretty good sense of humor about this stuff, so they drop quirky news bits about the satirical SubGenius organization’s apocalyptic “X-Day,” weird sightings of Jesus in tortillas and trees and whatnot, and underwater post offices.

Nevertheless, there’s still a lot of reports about global warming and superstorms and mad cultists and earthquakes and meteor strikes and other depressing stuff. So, ya know, hug your kids.

(Link via the Daily Illuminator)

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