The best science is comic-book science

Though I doubt most people should want anything to do with comic book science (getting struck by lightning will never give you superspeed, and being bitten by radioactive spiders is a good way to get a radioactive spider bite), there are still some folks out there thinking about the places where science and comics intersect.

First, there’s biologist P.Z. Myers, who’s being reading Vertigo’s “Y: The Last Man,” which is about a disease that’s killed all but one man on the planet — and Dr. Myers has actually found a reference to a disease that does target males for elimination. Lucky for us (well, lucky for the male us), it only affects arthropods…

And here’s Polite Dissent, a comic book blog written by a doctor. Much of the emphasis is on how comics often mishandle medical terminology — incorrect anatomy, bad diagnoses, crazy medical procedures, etc. It’s grand fun to scroll through, really.

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