The Amazing Spider-Bachelor

Marvel Comics has just released a preview image of the cover of “Spider-Man #545,” along with a caption that says “The End of an Era.” Click the link to view the image, but the implication is that the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson is soon going to be over. 

Comic companies go through fairly silly cycles when it comes to marriage and divorce. They get the characters married because they know that a wedding issue will bring in extra sales. And afterwards, they start whining about the characters being married, because they think that married superheroes will run off kids who read comics.

DC has whined for years about Superman being married to Lois Lane, and Marvel has whined about Spidey being married to Mary Jane.

I can’t say I know why they think married characters are unpopular with readers. Seems like I know an awful lot of comics readers who are married, and I don’t know why they’d mind.

So what do you think? Are Spidey and Mary Jane getting a divorce (or worse)? And do you approve or disapprove?

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