Anthropomorphic Cartoon Animals in Spandex!


Can’t get enough news about Captain Carrot? OF COURSE YOU CAN’T! You all LOVE Captain Carrot! You’re all dying for the new Zoo Crew miniseries, and you’d all love to read this interview with the series’ creators!

Morrison says while “The Final Ark” is a story complete in and of itself, it may not be the Zoo Crew’s final arc. “We’ll have to wait and see how the public responds,” Morrison said. “Our editor Joey Cavalieri hasn’t given us any indication either way, but Scott and I are having a blast and would love to keep it going. I will say this, however, it could easily be the end, as the title suggests, or it could be a brand new beginning.”

Shaw! agreed, saying Captain Carrot and the rest of the Zoo Crew have plenty of stories left in the old rabbit hole. “Oh, there are tons of them,” said Shaw! “Enough to fill three hundred issues rather than the three we have to play with right now. But getting the opportunity to tell them all really depends on the readers’ response to ‘Captain Carrot and the Final Ark.'”

And whether or not all these stories – past, present or future – exist in DCU proper, Morrison says that will finally be answered by the miniseries’ final issue. “That question has been debated by fans for years, but this series will erase all doubt as to whether Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew are part of the DC Universe or not. And that’s all I’m prepared to say about that.”

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