This and That, Here and There

A few things you may find interesting…

* Ragnell has a trailer/”making of…” featurette about the upcoming animated movie version of Darwyn Cooke’s outstanding “New Frontier” series.

* If you love laughing at some of the bizarre covers and panels from comics’ Silver Age, you really ought to be reading “Superdickery.”

* Brian Cornin dug up some old AIDS public service announcements that DC Comics put together. Brian says they’re pretty awful, and they are. Unfortunately, most comic book PSAs are at least that bad, if not worse.

* Gail Simone talks about taking over writing duties on “Wonder Woman.”

* One of my very favorite posts by Chris Sims — he does a fast review of the (ahem) classic “Godzilla vs. Barkley.” The last panel has me howling with laughter every time I see it.

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