It’s Not Easy Being Green


Green Lantern #22

The Sinestro Corps War continues. This issue, our main event is Hal Jordan vs. Kyle Rayner, possessed by the monstrous fear-god Parallax. Kyle also does the scary-Parallax-monster-mouth thing, which is always nice and creepy. The Green Lantern Corps rides to the rescue, loses a member, and goes hunting for the Ion spirit that empowers the power batteries and for the missing-in-action John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Meanwhile, the Sinestro Corps is preparing to attack Mogo, the Green Lantern that’s also a planet, and Superboy Prime and the Cyborg Superman make their own plans.

Verdict: Thumbs up. All in all, pretty good, but not as good as it could’ve been. It’s really very talky. There’s lots of fighting, but most of it is just background for monologues. I don’t mind monologues at all, of course, and I felt that the story moved along quite well. But I kept wishing for something more.

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