Little Scotty in Slumberland

Whatever a Rarebit Fiend is, I guess that’s me.

Didn’t have much time to think of anything to write today. Had to run some emergency chores for family, and I got home late, and tired, and mentally drained. Didn’t feel like scanning anything, or writing notes on comics, or much of anything else. I even went to sleep early.

And what dreams I had.

I had scored a ticket to that hot new Broadway musical — you know, the one that won all those Tony Awards — and it was about superheroes and comic books! How wonderful! I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the title was, but everyone knew it was the hottest ticket in decades, and I got to go!

In fact, this was some sort of odd promotion, because everyone I went to high school with got to go, too. Umm, wheee? High school was pretty awful for me — well, isn’t that the case for everyone? But hey, free tickets to Broadway’s most popular play ever — I can live with hanging around the people from high school for a few hours.

Actually, it was a very odd promotion, because everyone there was dressed up as superheroes. Everyone. People who I knew just hated comics were gleefully dressed up in spandex and long underwear and capes and masks. Well, almost everyone. I was the only person there wearing normal clothes. No one minded. Either everyone else was just so excited about seeing this superhero musical extravaganza, or they thought I was dressed up as Clark Kent.

Well, the play was about to start soon, everyone was starting to file into the theater, and my shoes came untied. Wow, were these shoes ever difficult to tie. I’d get the knot almost completed, and it would just completely slip away. Over and over and over, I just couldn’t get these shoes tied. Everyone was in the theater, the play was about to start, I was going to miss the show, I’d never find out the title of the play, or what it was about, or anything like that, and the shoes… just… wouldn’t… tie…

And then I woke up.

Stupid dreams.

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