Back in Action

Well, you may have noticed we didn’t have Friday Night Fights a couple days ago. Unfortunately, we had a few technical troubles that prevented any posting. On the bright side, that means I’ve already got my next FNF ready to go. But for now: a couple of quick reviews!


Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #15

The Avengers are attacked by trees, believe it or not, and they somehow realize that this means there’s trouble with the Norse gods, so they travel to Asgard to look for the missing Thor. They find that all of the Asgardians have gone missing, with Malekith and the Dark Elves in charge. Everyone gets attacked by the Frost Giants, who sing a lovely “smiting song.” Can the Avengers resist both Malekith’s attacks and the Frost Giants’ mad rhymes?

Verdict: Thumbs up. Not as madcap as some of the previous issues, but still good fun. And like all of the “Marvel Adventures” comics, they’re perfect for readers of all ages.


Green Lantern Corps #15

This is part of the long “Sinestro Corps War” storyline. In this part of the story, we’ve got lots of Green Lanterns hitting Sinestro Corps monsters and vice versa. Mogo, the planet that’s also a Green Lantern, is in danger from an evil city called Ranx, and the Guardians are up to something sneaky.

Verdict: Thumbs down. There’s very little drama. We don’t even get to see any big fighting between Mogo and Ranx, which really should have been a spotlight. You ever seen a city fight a planet? Me neither, and the cover made it sound like that was gonna be a big chunk of the action. Heck, Ranx even attacks Mogo, and the planet makes no real effort to defend itself. That’s weak, man. In the end, the entire issue is skippable.

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