Double Trouble


She-Hulk #21

It’s the final issue for writer Dan Slott, and while he doesn’t go out with a bang, he does give us some of his trademark mind-blowing and a few giggles.

And part of the problem for me is that I can’t really give you a plot summary without spoiling the gimmick. And it’s a really good gimmick, so I ain’t a-gonna do it. But Slott manages to solve every single continuity error Marvel ever had and he manages to get She-Hulk’s powers back. Huzzah!

The only weak part of the story is that it overwhelms a lot of other stuff that would be pretty earth-shattering otherwise, like the semi-evil Mallory Book being made a partner in the law firm, or the truth about what’s been up with Pug over the past few issues.

Verdict: Thumbs up. The good stuff outweighs the not-so-good stuff, which is still pretty good. Peter David’s gonna be writing this one next month, and I hear he knows a thing or two about writing Marvel’s gamma-irradiated super-people…

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