Serious High-Brow Literature

How many of y’all used to read the old “Classics Illustrated” comics? You remember they used to take classic novels like “Moby Dick,” The Last of the Mohicans,” “Frankenstein,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” and over a hundred others, and then they’d re-tell them in comic book format. What you got was something that was a lot shorter than the original novel, but got the general plot of the story correct and hopefully attracted a few kids into reading the classics. I doubt you could’ve used them to write a book report, but it was probably the only way you would’ve gotten kids to pay any interest in “Silas Marner” or “Wuthering Heights.”

Well, clearly, “Classics Illustrated” didn’t shorten the books enough. Or stick enough superheroes into them. Maybe they coulda produced something like this:

Comics in the Daring Dostoyevsky Demeanor!

As they say in the funny pages, go read the whole thing.

(Link from Jeff DeLuzio)

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