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Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #16

It’s writer Jeff Parker’s last issue on this title. With any luck, he’s taught the next guy what he needs to do to make sure this comic stays so cool.

Quick recap: The “Marvel Adventures” is an all-ages line — they’re specifically designed to be kid-friendly while still giving adults something they can enjoy, too. The Avengers, in the Marvel Adventures universe, are Captain America, Storm, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, and Giant-Girl. The Hulk doesn’t appear in this issue, but we get a guest appearance from costumed archer Hawkeye.

The team’s opponents this issue are the latest incarnation of the Masters of Evil — the Melter, Man-Bull, Whirlwind, and Egghead. Hawkeye shows up to try to help, but he’s mistaken for one of the villains. Though he persuades them to let him assist, the Avengers remain suspicious, especially since someone seems to be feeding the Masters of Evil some inside information about the team.

There’s a lot of wonderful stuff in this issue, including the return of hapless minion Karl from A.I.M., Hawkeye romancing both Storm and Giant-Girl, everyone making fun of the Mandroids’ names, and this great panel depicting what happens when the Melter shoots Iron Man with his melting ray.


Pantsless Iron Man = Comedy Gold.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Again, Marvel better hope that their next writer is as awesome as Parker was…

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