Viva la Revolucion!


Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Well, I picked up the “Uncle Sam” miniseries from last year and thought it started out pretty good, with a strongly political bent and really interesting characters, but ended up as a bit of a muddle. So far, this new series isn’t really starting off very well. The Freedom Fighters start out in space fighting off an invasion of space bees. The Red Bee saves everyone but gets transformed into an insect-human hybrid in the process. Then the team returns to earth to learn that the White House has been destroyed. Buh? Oh, right, the much-despised “Amazons Attack” miniseries. Pity they had to bring that up.

After that, the government offers the Freedom Fighters the chance to be the nation’s official superteam, which requires a lot less crimefighting and a lot more going to fancy parties and hanging out with famous people. Uncle Sam, Firebrand, the Human Bomb, and Doll Man all say “Ferget you, man” and take off, while Phantom Lady, Red Bee, the Ray, Miss America, and Black Condor sign on for the program.

Verdict: Thumbs down. But I’m going to give it another issue or two to improve.

Oh, and that’s an awesome cover.

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