Comics, Radio and Beer!


Wow, very late notice here, even for me, but if you like comics, goofy skits, music, and getting liquored up AND you live in Lubbock, you won’t wanna miss Crisis on Metropolis Island, a special event hosted by the guys who run KTXT-FM’s Radio Free Metropolis program. It’s happening October 19th — that’s TOMORROW — at 8 p.m. at Jake’s Sports Cafe at 5025 50th Street (next to the unwisely closed-down 50th Street Hasting’s store).

Expect skits, silliness, alco(hic)hol, various hollering people, comics-related entertainment, and at least one guy wearing some old, stretched-out Venom T-shirt who should’ve taken a bath before he showed up at the club. Everyone please avoid getting arrested, as the Lubbock cops are very sensitive about stuff that happens at Jake’s.

And no, I won’t be able to be there, blast the luck. I have to help cover one of the high school football games for the paper. Y’all spare a thought for me while y’all are boozing it up and getting beat up by sorority girls.

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