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Booster Gold #4

Booster has just crashed Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere into a Cosmic Treadmill being driven by the Silver Age Flash and Kid Flash. Booster and Rip follow the trail of the renegade Time Sphere back to Central City, and they find themselves facing a former Time Master named Rex Hunter, along with an evil Skeets and the secret bad guy who is now wearing the Supernova uniform. The Flashes both vanished — they’ve stopped existing because they’ve gone back to the night that Barry Allen got his powers, and Supernova installed a lightning rod on his building to keep him from being struck by lightning. Can they save the Flashes, save the future, and stop the bad guys?

So far, every issue of this comic has surprised me with how good it is. I don’t know that my expectations for it have been low, but it does seem to be the kind of comic that stays below the radar. Half the people who should be reading this are probably passing it up because they can’t imagine a good comic with Booster Gold as the star. But all the time-travel shenanigans plus all the superhero action and banter are really producing some excellent stories. I think this is definitely one you should be reading.

Verdict: Thumbs up. And next issue’s gonna be one you’ll definitely want to read: Can Booster stop the Joker from paralyzing Barbara Gordon?

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