Bad Clowns, Killing Jokes, and One Bad Day


Booster Gold #5

Booster has a steep challenge this time — he has to stop the Joker from shooting and paralyzing Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon. Wait, wait, didn’t that already happen waaaaay back in 1988 in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s “The Killing Joke”? Does that mean that Booster has a chance to go back in time, prevent Barbara’s paralysis, completely pre-empt the entire “Birds of Prey” series, and more? Is Booster about to have an impact on DC’s real continuity?

Well, no. The Joker may not have any powers and may not be considered much of a fighter, but he gives Batman fits on a regular basis, so he’s a lot better than Booster can take on. But he tries over and over and over, until Rip Hunter finally tells him that it’s just not possible to stop the Joker — his shooting of Barbara Gordon is something that’s completely unchangeable.

Also, we finally learn who Supernova’s masters are: the immortal Ultra-Humanite, interstellar tyrant Despero, and time-traveling fascist Per Degaton. And we get a good look at Rip Hunter’s Time Blackboard, which reveals various clues about the DCU’s future…

Verdict: Thumbs up, I think. I don’t know that I’m happy with the idea of letting the Joker shoot Babs Gordon over and over, from Booster’s viewpoint, but the characterization seems good, there’s good action, good intrigue, and and it never hurts to be reminded of what a complete rotter the Joker is. And I love the fact that so much of the art recreates the look of Bolland’s art in “The Killing Joke.”

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