War Pigs


Special Forces #2

Felony, our underdressed war hero on the cover, is in waaaay over her head. Zone, the autistic soldier, keeps getting himself in more and more trouble because he thinks he has to complete his mission, no matter what. So off he goes, one eye on the toy soldier he’s obsessed with, the other on the list detailing his orders, blundering into the gunsights of way too many enemy insurgents. So in trying to defend both Zone and herself, Felony wastes an absolutely incredible number of insurgents, blows up a car bomb while it’s trying to run her over, gets in a fistfight with a terrorist, and dodges numerous bullets and rockets.

Verdict: Thumbs up. There’s an insane amount of action in this story. This issue isn’t as political as the last one was — who has time for politics when you’re riding on the hood of a car bomb, right? But it’s still a fantastic story so far, and Felony is definitely developing into the toughest soldier in a war comic since Sgt. Rock…

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