Friday Night Fights: Girlfights!

Is there anything in the universe that gets the heart pumping hard and fast like a little Friday Night Fights? Anything at all? Anything? Not likely! Well, okay, I can think of one thing that’s likely to get the blood pumping faster. Just one thing. But seriously, who could ever manage to combine Friday Night Fights with Friday Night F– What’s that? Tonight’s fight is from 2001’s Love and Rockets, Vol. II, #3 by Gilbert Hernandez? Wow, LosBros Hernandez are into the chin-hockey, too? Well, let’s see what we’ve got —




I’m sorry, I’ve completely forgotten what I was talking about.

Friday Night Fights? Seriously? Whatever. ‘Cause that pic is just, just…

Listen, I, uh, I gotta go over here for a while. Don’t follow me.

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