Hail to the King, Baby


The Evil Dead #1

You’re not reading that wrong — Dark Horse Comics went and made a comic book of the greatest low-budget horrorfest ever filmed in Morristown, Tennessee.

The plot? If you’ve ever seen “The Evil Dead,” you know it already. Ash and some of his friends go to a cabin in the woods, play a tape recording of a transcription from the Necronomicon, and bad things happen.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Yes, it’s a fairly direct re-creation of the 1981 movie. But it’s an excellent re-creation. The artwork is really interesting, and perfect for a horror comic. I don’t know how many issues are planned for this series, or if they plan on deviating much from the movie plotline — but I don’t really care. I plan on picking up every one of these.

(And for the horror obsessives out there — I think this is definitely an adaptation of the original movie, not “Dead by Dawn” or “Army of Darkness.” So far, there’s none of the slapstick that dominated the other movies, plus some of the dialogue from the first movie has already been quoted. Of course, it’s always possible that this comic will do a bit of mix-and-match of the three movies. In fact, that would be pretty dad-gummed awesome.)

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