Friday Night Fights: Battling Blonde Bunny!

The FDA recommends a full day’s supply of mayhem, violence, and butt-kicking every Friday night. You do wanna grow up big and strong, don’tcha? Well, then, you need a heaping dose of FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

And it’s not just guys who need to get their share of skull-stomping. Girls need to beat the brains out of people, too! So from 1967’s The Inferior Five #1 by E. Nelson Bridwell and Mike Sekowsky:


The panels scanned a bit smaller than I planned, so let’s hit the official transcript:

Panel 1: Bad Girl in Black: “You wouldn’t hit a woman with a baby, would you?”

Dumb Bunny: “No…”

Panel 2: Dumb Bunny: “…I’d hit her with a grown man!


I think that’s even more violence than the FDA recommends. If violence was riboflavin, that’d be 64 tons of riboflavin.

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