What Happens in Vegas…


PS238 #29

Last issue, Poly Mer and Julie Finster, thinking their favorite teacher, Miss Kyle, was quitting her job, decided to follow her to Las Vegas and talk her into staying on at PS238. They brought along reluctant stowaway Zodon, and were followed by the Flea. Of course, Miss Kyle isn’t leaving — she just needed a vacation. They’re all being tracked by the evil Centurions, and the vigilante hero Revenant is providing the Flea with a cash card to cover his expenses.

In this issue, the Flea uses his card to stock up on flashy Vegas-wear and candy. Everyone ends up in the Masquerade Casino, a casino just for superheroes. Zodon tries to win a bunch of money by cheating at blackjack, but gets caught by casino security. And everyone else tangles with the Centurions.

Verdict: Thumbs up. I was prepared to dislike the Vegas issues, but they’ve been excellent. Sure, we’re not following all the kids back at the school, but we’re getting some great characterization of the Flea, Poly, and Julie. The Flea’s spending spree is good and funny, as is Poly’s “chewing gum.” And in addition to Julie’s angst over her powers being unoriginal (she’s the 84th person on earth to manifest super-strength, super-speed, flight, and indestructibility), she’s also too poor to afford a really nice super-costume and is starting to question whether she wants to be a superhero at all. All that plus an announcement that Hero Games is going to publish a pen-and-paper RPG based on “PS238.” So there’s lots of stuff going on, and it’s still a darn good comic. Pick it up.

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