Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Gog


Justice Society of America #13

While the JSA’s new members are moving into the team’s headquarters, the new Mr. America and the rest of the Justice Society are tracking a serial killer called the Heartbreak Slayer who targets people who claim to be gods and tears out their hearts. Mr. America has found out his name: Gog. Sound familiar? The Kingdom Come Superman fought a bad guy named Magog, and in the regular DCU, a villain named Gog tried to poison Superman with Kryptonite. Kingdom Come Supes goes to talk with Regular DCU Supes (Ya know what? There’s at least one too many Supermen in this comic), and they end up preventing Gog from killing the Greek demigod (and occasional nemesis of Wonder Woman) Hercules. Herc puts up a fight, and by the time they’ve got him knocked out, Gog has managed to teleport away.

Verdict: Thumbs up, with some concerns. Like I said, there are way too many Supermen running around this joint, which is probably a symptom of the Too-Many-Characters-itis that this comic already suffers from. On the other hand, I love Jakeem Thunder’s introduction to Lightning and her dad, Black Lightning. I also enjoyed Kingdom Come Superman’s reaction to seeing Lois Lane — his version of Lois was killed by the Joker years ago, and he just about loses it.

In other words, the characterizations in this book are great, if only there weren’t so many characters that we never had time to get to know any of the characters…

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