Who Watches the Watchmen Photos?

I’m sure by now everyone is aware that Zach Snyder, the guy who directed “300,” is working on an film adaptation of Alan Moore’s “Watchmen.” Well, earlier this week, Snyder released some promotional photos of his actors in costume. For instance, here’s the Comedian:


And here’s one of Ozymandias:


I’m not gonna include all the pictures here — go click on the link above to see the rest.

My thoughts: Not bad. But far from perfect. Rorschach and the Comedian look the best. I really wish they’d made Nite Owl look more like Nite Owl and less like a Batman clone. Ozymandias’ outfit is just a bit too rubber-muscles for my taste. I’m not entirely opposed to Silk Spectre’s costume, but I’m also not convinced it’s the right look. Of course, a lot of these costumes will probably change some during the course of filming.

I do wonder when we’re gonna see what Dr. Manhattan is gonna look like. Is it gonna be giant blue nekkid Dr. Manhattan? Or giant blue Dr. Manhattan wearing bike shorts or something?

So whatchoo think of the costumes for this? Excellent? Awful? Somewhere in between? Are you looking forward to the movie?

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