Spectrum Analysis


Green Lantern #28

We start seeing the other colors in the coming war — of course, we’ve already met the Green Lanterns, the Yellow Lanterns of the Sinestro Corps, the purple energy weilding Zamorrans, and two outcast Guardians, who seem to be champions of the blue energy of hope. Now, the Controllers are seeking the energy of avarice, orange, to empower themselves, and we meet two potential champions of the red energy of rage and hate.

The bulk of our plot in this issue, however, focuses on the trial of Laira, a Green Lantern who’s been accused of murdering a Sinestro Corps member named Amon Sur — the son of the GL who gave Hal Jordan his ring. Since she did pretty cold-bloodedly slaughter him after he’d surrendered, she’s found guilty and tossed out of the Corps. And once that’s done, the Guardians reveal the second of the ten new laws — they give the Green Lanterns permission to kill any enemies of the Corps. And Hal has a heart-to-heart talk with Sinestro — held prisoner on Oa and facing a death sentence, the guy who used to lead the Sinestro Corps is overjoyed by the new law, because it means the Guardians are coming around to his way of thinking.

Verdict: Thumbs up. First, I enjoyed the brief glimpse we got of Ysmault, the demonic planet that used to head the horrific Empire of Tears, last seen in 1986’s “Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2” by Alan Moore. I’m hoping Qull of the Five Inversions survived, just because he’s such an absolutely, diabolically nasty piece of work. I was a bit disappointed with the trial — the Guardians admit that they didn’t explain the first new law properly, but still convict Laira for misinterpreting it. And the various new colors of Lanterns show some promise — let’s hope the writers can keep the good stuff coming.

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