Viva Las Vegas


PS238 #30

It’s the conclusion of our mini-epic set in Las Vegas. Everyone gets moved into the luxurious Masquerade Hotel and Casino — the Flea has gotten a ridiculously large suite, thanks to the Revenant’s credit card. Miss Kyle tries desperately to relax, while the kids are put to work around the casino. Zodon tries to track down a secretive card-counting ring, the Flea sends his insects out to do surveillance, Julie Finster gets some training from the security team, and Poly Mer pulls duty as the casino’s new sign. Julie takes on a superstrong bruiser, and she, Zodon, and the Flea battle the mastermind behind the scheme. And in the end, Julie gets a new costume to replace her old worn-out one, Zodon gets store credit in the galleria, and the Flea gets a suitcase full of candy. Happy endings for all!

Verdict: Thumbs up. This comic is such grand fun, and it’s great to get a nice spotlight issue for Julie Finster, who is really a very charming character, even with her hard-luck life and insecurities added on. Zodon is also fun this issue, as his “Barry Ween Chip,” which replaces his profanity with random non-swears, really gets a workout.

One of the things I’m coming to enjoy most about this series is the fairly realistic outlook it has on superpowers. Of course superhero parents would enroll their kids in a superhero school. Of course casinos would have metahuman security teams. Of course supervillains would prefer running casinos where they could make money legitimately without worrying about getting beat up by superheroes. Of course there would be businesses solely devoted to selling new costumes to super-people. I don’t know why an independent humor comic can get away with this stuff while it completely escapes the notice of Marvel and DC…

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