You Can’t Go Home Again

Man, I got home really weirdly exhausted last night, so I didn’t have time to write but one review before I had to hit the hay.


PS238 #31

Ohh, I loved this one. In the aftermath of the alien invasion and the Las Vegas mini-epic, there are some big changes in store for everyone at PS238. First, their hometown has become Superhero Central — renamed Wonderburg. After the school was ground zero for an alien invasion, just about every superhero team has established a base there. The evil Praetorian Academy has moved in, planted bugs inside the school, and started recruiting former PS238 students. Principal Cranston is under a magical curse that causes other people to read his mind instead of vice versa. Tyler Marlocke is in three places at once — in stasis to keep him from spreading an alien xenovirus, walking around in a clone body (so alien student Prospero will think Tyler’s cured and won’t destroy the planet to stop the virus), and inside the Castle Beyond Space and Time, where he has to decide whether or not humanity gets to keep having superpowers. And the whole thing ends with the most jaw-droppingly shocking cliffhanger I’ve seen in ages.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Good gravy, this was good. Just absolutely amazingly good. Clears the board of everything familiar and safe and sets up a new status quo full of way more threats, dangers, and intrigues than before. And there’s still a very strong character-based feel to the storytelling — we get some great bits of characterization from Victor Von Fogg, Angie Sinthousy, special guest star Mr. Extraordinary, Miss Kyle, and especially Tyler. Aaron Williams is doing a fantastic job with this comic — if you aren’t reading it yet, start soon.

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