Double Dreams

Okay, I know “American Dream” is a miniseries, but is it a weekly? ‘Cause it sure seems like there are a lot of them on the shelves right now…


American Dream #2

In the alternate future where Shannon Carter becomes American Dream to continue Captain America’s legacy, she’s just gotten trashed by a mysterious crystalline monster. Her fellow Avenger teammates are ready to go hunt the monster down until they get a visit from the National Security Force warning them to stay away from the crystal monsters. Shannon plans to follow the feds’ orders, but while she’s investigating a case about kidnapped illegal immigrants, she ends up running into a bunch of smugglers who are using two of the monsters as muscle! She manages to knock one of them off a pier, but then she dives in to save it!


American Dream #3

In the newest issue, Dream manages to pull the crystal monster out of the drink, but the feds show up later to confiscate it and threaten all of the Avengers with treason. Fearing that she’ll be used as a weapon against her team, American Dream quits to pursue the case on her own. Meanwhile, Avenger enemies Red Queen and Ion Man meet up with a guy calling himself Silikong, and together, the three villains unleash a small army of crystal monsters on Dream.

Verdict: For both issues, thumbs up. Again, the story here isn’t real deep, but it’s good enough to keep yer interest going. Looks like they’re trying to push more of the characters from the “Spider-Girl” alterniverse as all-ages comics, which is fine with me.

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