I’m not gonna make you read my movie reviews of non-comic movies very often, but I really gotta say, WALL-E is just about the best movie I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

I didn’t go into this expecting a whole lot. I was kinda expecting that the very positive reviews I’d read before were a case of overhype. But man, was I wrong. This was just a plain awesome movie.

WALL-E and EVE are just impossibly charming and emotional and perfect, even though they have very, very little dialogue. Nearly all the robots — and there are an awful lot of them — are very, very cool. John and Mary, the future people who rediscover the beauty of the world outside of virtual reality, are also wonderful, fun characters. And the Captain makes for one of the least likely but most inspiring heroes I’ve ever seen. Even the fairly villainous AUTO is cool and decently badass, what with that wicked-kewl voice.

This is also the first Pixar movie to include any live-action footage, which is fairly cool — Fred Willard is a lot of fun here — but you end up forgetting this pretty quickly, because the live-action stuff is so well integrated into the rest of the story — and because Pixar’s animation looks so outstanding.

It’s bizarre to read that there are really people out there who are complaining that the movie has pro-environmental themes. I mean, hasn’t post-apocalyptism nearly always been a big part of science fiction? Heck, conservative Ultimate Hero Charlton Heston was in “Planet of the Apes,” where humans wiped themselves out in a war, and “Soylent Green,” where a shady megacorp is making food out of corpses — anyone here wanna say Charlie Heston was a liberal, tree-hugging, capitalism-hating pansy? Yeah, I thought not.

Really, I’m just amazed that anyone could come out of this movie thinking something other than, “Wow, that was a really cool movie.” If you come out of a movie as touching and inspiring and exciting and fun as this one, and all you can think about is how angry you are over what you imagine the movie’s politics to be, maybe you need to get yer head examined. You’ve officially lost track of everything that really matters.

In summation: If you ain’t seen “WALL-E” yet, go see it ASAP.

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