If you haven’t heard of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you need to go get acquainted ASAP.

What is it? It’s a musical about a supervillain, written and directed by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator and former “Astonishing X-Men” writer Joss Whedon and his family. It stars Neil Patrick Harris (“Doogie Howser,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Harold and Kumar,” too many others to mention) as Dr. Horrible, Nathan Fillion (“Firefly” and “Desperate Housewives”) as the heroic but egotistical Captain Hammer, and Felicia Day (“Buffy” and “The Guild“) as Penny, Dr. Horrible’s idealistic love interest.

So what’s the deal? Well, first, it’s very funny, and that should be enough reason all by itself to go watch it. If you enjoyed the musical episode of “Buffy” back in 2001, you should enjoy the music, since Whedon wrote the music and lyrics for both. How much superhero action? Well, not a ton. The budget’s not real grand, so don’t expect too much.

But listen, if you want to see it, you have a limited amount of time to do so. The first episode debuted today, Part II hits this Thursday, and Part III appears on Saturday. And then the whole thing goes offline on Sunday! Of course, it’ll be released on DVD eventually, but this is going to be your only chance to see it for free, so don’t miss out!

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