Link City


Here’s a stack of links I’ve been saving up for you guys.

* Whatever happened to the kids from “Peanuts” after the comic strip stopped? Depends who you ask. I’ve always loved Peter Gillis’ version of their future. This one is probably a bit less likely, but anything that has a futuristic cybernetically-enhanced Charlie Brown killing off the soldiers from Beetle Bailey’s Camp Swampy is probably worth reading.

* The “Project: Rooftop” blog periodically gets artists to create a new look for famous comic characters — their latest project is a redesign of the Man of Steel

* PETA, of all people, has picked out a list of the top animal-friendly superheroes.

* Maxo ponders whether the weakening economy will affect comics sales.

* Aaron Williams, creator of “PS238” and “Nodwick,” has a blog crammed with cool stuff? Muy excellente!

* Snell is not at all impressed with DC’s fairly weak attempts to catch up with Marvel’s work on digital comics.

* A short fan film about Power Girl trying to get a normal job. It’s pretty amazing how well the actress playing Power Girl embodies the character — I mean, sure, she looks good in the costume, but she really gets her personality perfectly.

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