The New New-Comics Day


This is just for you comics-loving Lubbockites out there — if you haven’t heard the news yet, as of today, new comics arrive at Star Comics on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays!

See, Lubbock is actually right on the dividing line between the East Coast and West Coast shippers — all of Texas is served by the shippers on the East Coast, and Lubbock is the farthest away on the shipping lanes. I bet even Amarillo is farther up the chain than we are, since they’re located on the big Interstate. Anyway, that means that Lubbock really is at the very tail-end of the shipping schedules, so while the rest of the country got their new comics every Wednesday, we’ve always gotten ours on Thursdays.

But somehow or other, possibly using magic or some sort of theoretical hyper-science, we’re now going to get comics on Wednesday, the same day that everyone else in the country gets theirs. HUZZAH!

So, Lubbockites, you no longer have to wait for Thursday to pick up your comics. Stop by Star after work today, and they should have all the latest comics.

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