Vamping for Vampirella


Hopefully, y’all are familiar with Project Rooftop, which focuses on superheroes and fashion — specifically, on having talented artists re-design costumes for familiar characters. In the past, they’ve had re-design competitions for everyone from Superman and Iron Man to Spoiler and the Rocketeer. The re-designs themselves are grand fun to look at, and to read the critiques of, so it’s a good read for anyone, artist or not.

Anyway, their newest competition is a Vampirella Revamp, for the horror cheesecake character best known for her skimpy red ribbon of a costume. The judges include original Vampi designer Trina Robbins, Vampi artist Joe Jusko, and slam-bang horror-pulp painter Dan Brereton — and the winning artist gets his or her design printed in a future issue of “Vampirella” as a pinup.

And I want to specifically challenge our Lubbock artists in the Lubbock Sketch Club — I’d like y’all to submit your Vampirella redesigns to the Project Rooftop competition. I know there are tons of talented Lubbock artists who could make a really awesome redesign, and even if a Lubbock design doesn’t make it in as the top winner, I think it’d be great publicity for the Sketch Club to hear the judges say they’re impressed by how the Lubbock artists stepped up to the plate and delivered their A-game.

The deadline is September 8th. Everyone get redesigning!

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