Medical Mayhem!


Hey! I’m back! Well, I’m kinda-sorta back.

Basically, the thing I thought was nothing serious yesterday? It was serious. Not “You have three months to live” serious, not “Wow, those monkey bites are chock-full o’ Ebola virus!” serious, not “We’re going to have to remove that arm” serious, but “We have to do minor surgery, and we need to do it today” serious.

But the surgical procedure was finished quickly, and I went home. I’m still going to do lighter posting over the next few days, because I’m just not comfortable sitting in front of the computer for long periods yet. Besides, I haven’t had time to pick up new comics yet. Curse you, Surprise Surgical Procedures, for making me miss New Comics Day!

Anyway, light posting for a bit. I’ll be resting and recovering, trying to catch up on my reading, maybe watch a movie. I won’t really be able to stay too far away from the blog, but I’m going to try.

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