The Mean Green Team


Green Lantern Corps #28

Trying to identify the mysterious assailant who’s murdered the families of rookie Green Lanterns, the Corps calls in Saarek, a GL who can communicate with the dead. Unfortunately, the face that Saarek conjures doesn’t match up with any known species. Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Saarek, and Kilowog head out to try to track down the killer — but they find not one, but five of them, all Sinestro Corps members. But they’re all caught pretty quickly, and Saarek gets a new assignment that could lead to some major unpleasantness.

Verdict: I’m gonna give this a thumbs down. Everything got resolved a bit too cleanly and quickly, considering how the threat of these killers got hyped up so hard. I’m also not grooving all that hard on Saarek — he seems like he’s been introduced just so they can do something horrible and dramatic to him in the next couple of issues.


B.P.R.D.: The Warning #3

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, including Abe Sapien, Johann Kraus, and Kate Corrigan, are trying to track down the possibly kidnapped Liz Sherman, ending up near Munich and uncovering evidence that Liz’s disappearance may have connections to some previous BPRD cases. Abe and Johann investigate an abandoned subway construction site and find a small army of proto-human monsters building giant robots. This is gonna be bad news for Munich and good news for everyone who loves giant robots.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Almost entirely because I love giant robots.

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