Hail to the King, Baby


My Name Is Bruce

It’s the Adventures of Bruce Campbell. No, not Ash from the “Evil Dead” movies. Just Bruce Campbell, B-movie actor. Sure, he actually tends to act exactly like Ash, but the star is actually Bruce Campbell. What’s the plot? An ancient Chinese demon is accidentally freed from imprisonment, and Bruce gets tricked into coming to help get rid of it.

Verdict: Thumbs up for a comic starring one of the ten most awesome people in the history of the universe. Thumbs down for it not really being a very good comic.


Hellboy: The Crooked Man #3

It’s the final showdown between the diabolical Crooked Man and the mostly outclassed forces of good, including Hellboy, Tom Ferrell, and the old blind priest. The Crooked Man tries to tempt Tom and the priest, and his henchwitches raise an army of zombies to combat Hellboy. Is there no hope for our heroes? Or is this all going to come down to Hellboy whacking someone upside the head with a consecrated shovel?

Verdict: Two or three thumbs up. Yes, it’s still an absolutely awesome story, with outstanding art, terrifying foes, and suspense galore, but anything that includes an actual consecrated shovel gets graded up an extra notch.

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