Let’s take a quick break from comics. Let’s focus on the real world for a few moments.

We got the presidential election coming up in just over a month, right? Election Day is on Tuesday, November 4th, and I expect y’all to git out there and vote. I don’t particularly care who you’re voting for, but I do expect you to head out on November 4 and do your civic duty.

And that means, for a lot of us, the deadline to register to vote is coming up very soon. For most states, the deadline is this upcoming Monday, October 6th. Some are later than that, some are even earlier. There are a few states where the deadline is tomorrow. Holy moley, that’s early. But for most of us, including those of us here in Lubbock, the deadline is this Monday.

If you’re not sure about the registration deadline in your state, click here for a handy table that’ll tell you when you gotta register.

You can register lots of different places. City hall, the county courthouse, the post office, libraries. You have tons of options. But seriously, go register. Even if you don’t know if you wanna vote, go register, just in case you change your mind.

Git going — time’s a-wastin’!

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