Going Green


Green Lantern #35

Well, finally! It’s the end of the storyarc we thought would never end! “Secret Origin” finally wraps up!

Hal Jordan and Sinestro — at this time in the past, he was a Green Lantern in good standing — get dragged back to Oa to answer to the Guardians, who are angry at them for violating one of their rules, that Green Lanterns are not to work together or fraternize outside of Oa. Jordan accuses them of being afraid of the GLs, and Sinestro tells them that it’s wrong to force the GLs to operate in isolation from each other. The Guardians are angry, but they let both of them continue as Green Lanterns. Sinestro returns the demon Atrocitus to the planet Ysmault, where the diabolical Qull predicts that Sinestro’s home planet will be lost to chaos unless Sinestro forces order upon it. Jordan starts a new job at Ferris Aircraft, William Hand continues his very unhealthy infatuation with death, and Hector Hammond continues to mutate.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Partly because I liked Hal’s confrontation with the Guardians, but mostly because I was glad that this way, way too long storyarc is finally finished.


Green Lantern Corps #29

Lots of stuff going on here — Guy Garder and his girlfriend Ice argue because Guy wants Ice to move in with him, but she’s reluctant to become a permanent resident of Oa, because she feels she’s needed more on Earth. Kyle Rayner and a slew of other Green Lanterns are tracking a Sinestro Corps villain called Kryb who kidnaps the infant children of Green Lanterns. And we see the birth of a new member of the Star Sapphires — i.e., the new Violet Lantern Corps — when Mongul kills an alien, causing his mate to be recruited by a Star Sapphire ring that claims she’s capable of showing great love.

Verdict: Thumbs up. Kinda cool the way love ends up being the overarching theme of this issue — the Star Sapphires are powered by love, Guy and Ice’s relationship, the Lanterns’ search for the villain threatening their loved ones.

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