No Gold Stars

No time for a lot of reviews today, but let’s get at least one of ’em out of the way for now…

Booster Gold #14

Booster manages to escape from the vat of Starros he’d been dumped in last issue, then manages to shoot Lady Chronos with a freeze gun, the only thing that allows her to get free from the starfish that was controlling her. He learns that Starro conquered the world by filling the Justice League’s Hall of Justice with starfish, taking over all the heroes and villains, then having most of them kill each other. After agreeing to let Lady Chronos go after everything’s over, Booster goes back in time and steals one of Mr. Freeze’s cold guns (leading to one of the few really wonderful lines of this issue: “A magic hand took my freeze-gun!”). They’re eventually able to blow up Starro and stop mind-controlled Rip Hunter from infecting the world’s heroes with starfish drones. But Rip isn’t happy that Booster had to rely on help from Lady Chronos, claiming she’s still not to be trusted.

Verdict: Thumbs down, actually. Things were a bit confusing, a bit of a muddle, and a lot boring, which is not something we’ve previously seen from this particular comic book.

I’ll try to get a few more reviews done tomorrow, or the day after that, depending on how quickly I’m able to get some important chores finished…

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  1. Fred (SpaceBooger) Said,

    November 19, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

    Yeah my review of this issue basically consisted of one word: “FILLER!”
    I was loving me some Booster Gold until Johns left.