Crazy Alien Freakz


The Brave and the Bold #20

Green Lantern and the Phantom Stranger are still investigating the strange goings-on at a distant alien planet where something slaughtered a whole city of people. They find a single survivor, from a species that instantly wraps itself in an indestructible cocoon whenever it’s startled. He says the culprit was a godlike monster called the Purge, which seeks to exterminate all life on the basis of a really twisted belief in peace, love, and harmony. The Phantom Stranger gets victimized by a dream-creating plant that really shouldn’t have been able to affect him, GL gets ambushed by another Green Lantern who’s been taken over by the Purge, and back on Earth, a corrupt corporation is planning on killing a sick child who may be the only person able to save the universe.

Verdict: Thumbs down. This one is an absolute indecipherable mess from beginning to end.


The Spirit #24

The Spirit is on the trail of someone who’s killing off Vietnam War vets. Obviously, this is all going to lead back to something that happened to them in ‘Nam, so the Spirit takes a trip to Asia to do some snooping. Will the Spirit be able to discover who the killer is in the Cambodian jungle, or is he going to wind up with a bullet in his back?

Verdict: Ahh, thumbs up, but just barely. The mystery is fine, but it’s a shade predictable, and I like the Spirit better when he’s prowling the mean streets of the big city…

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