Friday Night Fights: Friday Night Foot!

Hasn’t been too rough a week for me — heck, I’m unemployed, so that means I get to live the harsh life of sitting around the house, watching TV, trying not to overeat, and just, you know, have nightmares about money and homelessness and all that. So not too rough. But even on our easiest weeks, we still need something to get us out of our day-to-day schedule. So, the weekend’s almost here, and the best way to get stoked for the weekend is with our old pal FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Tonight, we’re going to go for some seriously hardcore violence, so small children, squicky parents, and people who totally freak out about violence may wish to look away.

From November 2002, here’s a panel from PS238 #0 by Aaron Williams, featuring the epic battle between Bernard Brenner and his dad’s foot.

The savagery! The carnage! The limitless agonizing aaaaagony! Although you may find this panel tacked up in our friendly neighborhood podiatrist’s office. One person’s pain is another person’s Porsche…

(BTW, you can check out Aaron Williams’ awesome website right over here.)

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