Big News for the Lubbock Comic Book Expo!

Listen here, when I say “Big News for the Lubbock Comic Book Expo,” what I really mean is “Freakin’ Unbelievably Colossal News for the Lubbock Comic Book Expo.”

Now the Expo is still going to be held on Saturday, May 2, from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. So if you’ve already marked that on your calendar in pen, you’re still okay. That isn’t changing.

But everything else is changing. Y’all better hold on to yer hats.

The Lubbock Comic Book Expo is now an official part of this year’s Lubbock Arts Festival. That means everything’s going to be taking place in the Lubbock Municipal Civic Center on 1501 Mac Davis Lane downtown. We’ll be on the upper mezzanine level of the Civic Center, and we can expect an extremely large number of attendees, thanks to the 22,000 people who attend the Arts Festival every year. And it’s getting a price drop this year — admission to the Arts Festival is only $2, and the Comic Book Expo is completely free.

For more information about the Lubbock Comic Book Expo, visit the official website, and if you’d like a sneak peek at the Civic Center’s mezzanine where the Expo will be set up, check out the pix that Lubbock Sketch Club founder Will Terrell has on his website — and keep your eyes peeled for more announcements about the Expo on the way.

But ya know what? That’s still not all.

The Sketch Club now has plans for a second comic convention in Lubbock. This time, it’ll be on November 7th at the Science Spectrum. It’s on a bye week for Texas Tech football, so you know you’ll be looking for something fun to fill your weekend plans.

This is going to be a very big year for comics in Lubbock. Get on board now and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Kenny Ketner Said,

    March 2, 2009 @ 10:25 am

    I gotta say: I’m pretty excited about the expo this year!

  2. Scott Slemmons Said,

    March 2, 2009 @ 11:59 am

    Same here. This is going to be an outstanding event. Last year’s Expo was beyond awesome, but I think this one is going to be one for the ages. It may not be ComicCon or WizardWorld, but it’s gonna be something everyone’s gonna be talking about.

  3. Will Terrell » Lubbock COMIC BOOK EXPO ADS!: Said,

    March 3, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

    […] I am printing some new postcards for the comic book expo! They have more information on them now… and exciting blurbs and everything!  Lots of fun.  If you hadn’t heard the big news… the Comic Book expo is now part of the Lubbock arts festival! […]