Four-Color Ineptitude

Pfyew. Some of the comics I got last week have previously been pretty good, and created by writers with excellent reputations, but they still just absolutely stunk on toast. Let’s roll out the manure wagon…

Justice Society of America #24

Billy Batson has lost his powers as Captain Marvel and can no longer get to the Rock of Eternity. He enlists the JSA’s help so they can help him take care of Black Adam and Isis. They’re able to use Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring to get to Billy’s Magic Subway Train to Magic Mountain, while Billy tells the story of how Black Adam killed his parents and how his ghost daddy helped him get his powers. Isis throws Billy into the magic mists outside the Rock of Eternity; Flash saves him but is himself lost. Mary Marvel shows up, and she’s still Crazy-Pink-Pigtails-Evil-Girl. Finally, Flash gets rescued by Billy’s ghost daddy so they can go somewhere called the “Rock of Finality.”

Verdict: Thumbs down. Okay, I know this is all an attempt to push the reset button, turn Mary normal again, get Billy back in his usual red Captain Marvel togs, and install Billy’s dad as the new Wizard Shazam, but this is just painfully bad stuff. Geoff Johns should be embarrassed that he wrote something this idiotic.

Wonder Woman #29

Everyone’s gotten their butts stomped by Genocide. Donna Troy’s gone nuts. Dr. Psycho is controlling Sgt. Steel. The Argonauts are attacking battleships. Cheetah attacks Wonder Woman, Zeus kills Milohai, Wonder Woman’s new patron god, and Genocide has kidnapped Etta Candy.

Verdict: Thumbs down. This is the worst comic I’ve read in ages. Even the giant squid the Argonauts bring along can’t save it. Gail Simone is supposed to be better than this.

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