Friday Night Fights: WOK! THOP! ZOMP!

It’s been one heck of a week. If I ain’t mentioned it before, I’m in the midst of moving. No, haven’t gotten a job yet. (Starting to doubt that’s ever going to happen) I’m moving into my brother’s spare apartment here in Lubbock. I won’t be paying $600+ every month in rent, though I’ll still be paying a ton for various bills. Anyway, we’ve had family in town all week long trying to get the apartment liveable and trying to get all my stuff moved over. We aren’t done yet, not anywhere close. So there’s been the stress of moving, combined with the stress of doing prep work for the Comic Book Expo. I’m worn plumb out, and the weekend won’t be much of a break — I’ve still got lots of stuff to pack and move. But if I can’t have a proper weekend, I can at least have a proper dose of FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Today’s bit of brutality comes from June 1971’s Amazing Spider-Man #97 by Stan Lee and Gil Kane, as Peter Parker smacks a drug pusher around.


Remember, kids, don’t do drugs, or some radioactive spider-powered nerd is going to ZOMP you good.

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