Are you ready for the Lubbock Comic Book Expo? Well, get ready. Get your costume together, get some bucks scrounged up to buy some comics, get your head in gear to meet and talk with some of the comic artists from Lubbock. ‘Cause it’s all happening tomorrow.

Let’s summarize the particulars: The Lubbock Comic Book Expo will be held tomorrow, May 2, at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, at 1501 Mac Davis Lane. This is held in conjunction with the Lubbock Arts Festival, so expect a crowd. Bring yer walking shoes, ’cause the parking lot is going to be jam-packed. Entrance to the Comic Book Expo is free (we’re upstairs in the Civic Center’s mezzanine), but if you want to get into the Arts Festival, too, it’s gonna cost you two bucks. If I were you, I’d bring two bucks, ’cause the Arts Festival is great fun, and they got lemonade.

What’s there to do once you get there? Well, you can meet tons of exhibitors who will be selling comics, drawing sketches, shaking hands, and making contacts. You can enjoy Free Comic Book Day (but you better get there early, ’cause the free comics will probably disappear very quickly). You can get your picture taken with Batman, the Silver Surfer, the Headless Horseman, or any of your fellow comic fanboys and fangirls.

You can enjoy a wide variety of presentations, including:

  • 11 a.m.: “The Reality of Spider-Man” with Rob Weiner – in which Rob will attempt to convince us that Spidey is real and is probably going to bite us and inject us with radioactive spider-man eggs.
  • 12 noon: “Lubbock’s Comics Connections” with Scott Slemmons – in which I read off a bunch of my old blog posts, but you should come see it anyway, ’cause I’ll be using my beautiful radio voice, which can soothe savage goats.
  • 1 p.m.: A demonstration by the Texas Tech Library 2D Lab – the first of three programs about computer aids for artists.
  • 2 p.m.: A demonstration by the Texas Tech Library 3D Lab – The folks from the Tech Library also wanted to do something with their 4D Lab, but it got lost somewhere in the Jurassic. Maybe we’ll get to see that one last year.
  • 3 p.m.: A Flash animation demonstration with Paul Davidson from South Plains College – a huge number of cartoons nowadays are animated using Adobe Flash, so this should be a good resource for aspiring animators.
  • 4 p.m.: The Costume Contest – Are you gonna let that sweaty guy in the trenchcoat, fedora, and homemade Rorschach mask beat you? NO WAY! It’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, BABY!
  • 5 p.m.: “The Future of Comics in West Texas” with Will Terrell and Robert Mora – in which Will and Robert emerge from the Texas Tech 4D Lab and destroy us all with Atomic Killbots from the 29th Century.

We’re gonna have a blast, and we want all of you to come say howdy. Remember, that’s tomorrow, 10 a.m., at the Civic Center! If you miss out, your future grandchildren will laugh at your lameness.

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  1. Kenny Ketner Said,

    May 1, 2009 @ 9:47 am

    Looking forward to it!