Make a Wish

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #36

Tigra has accidentally released a genie, and while he’s willing to grant her some wishes, what he really wants to do is kill the Hulk. Apparently, in the future, the Hulk goes back in time to 500 years ago and gets the genie imprisoned in a necklace — so the genie’s mad at the Hulkster for something he hasn’t even done yet. Tigra could just use her wishes to wish the genie away, but she knows that magical wishes tend to get twisted into something really awful. But the problem with fighting a genie is that he can do anything, and the Avengers, for all their power, can’t do that. Is there any way for the team to survive?

Verdict: Thumbs up. Yet another extremely fun issue, with Tigra accidentally making wishes, Wolverine scarfing down sausages, and Spider-Man making lots of great wisecracks. The solution to the problem ends up being perfect and fairly funny all on its own.

Wonder Woman #32

Most of this issue is a slugfest between Wonder Woman and Genocide, revealed as the future corpse of Wondy empowered with her own Lasso of Truth. Genocide makes her plans to kill pretty much everyone and forces Diana to tell Tom Tessier that she never really loved him. And beyond that — really, just a whole heck of a lot of people smashing each other in the face.

Verdict: Thumbs down. I don’t mind an all-smashing issue, but it’s gotta be really spectacular smashing, and this just ain’t it. And even worse, this storyarc still isn’t over! Haven’t we all had enough of storyarcs that take most of a year to complete?!

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