Hey, Hey, Do the Zombie Stomp

As I believe I’ve said before, I think a zombie walk in Lubbock would be beyond awesome.

What’s a zombie walk? Basically, a bunch of people get together, dress up as zombies, and go for a shamble. You hit a few appropriate locations (shopping malls, cemeteries, pubs with excellent jukeboxes), maybe make a few new zombies on the way (always with “innocent bystanders” who know what’s coming and are wearing easily rippable clothing), and just enjoy getting your zombie apocalypse on.

Some cities turn their zombie walks into charity events — food drives and blood drives are especially popular — and some places just do ’em for fun. The largest one ever happened last Halloween in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where over 4,000 people showed up to stumble around and groan “Braaaiiinnssss…”

Why do I think a zombie walk in Lubbock would be great? Very simply, it would be cool, and it would be hilarious. And Lubbock needs more cool and hilarious things. Really, that’s the full extent of my reasoning here. Who needs complex and rational arguments on why to do fun things, right?

Of course, I could certainly foresee some problems with a zombie walk here. Some folks in Lubbock tend to be, well, gee, how can I say this diplomatically…?

You’d have to do a lot of legwork before the event making sure that business owners wouldn’t totally freak out about it. You’d have to talk to the police beforehand to make sure they didn’t decide to shoot everyone. You’d sure need to make sure all your zombies knew not to involve anyone who wasn’t already in on the joke.

So which of you go-getters wants to organize this thing?

(In related news: ya seen the new game trailer for the “Left for Dead” sequel?)

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  1. VoodooBen Said,

    June 3, 2009 @ 5:19 pm

    I’ve been down for a zombie walk for a couple of years now. But Im a leader, not a follower, so Im afraid I dont meet your final qualification.