Moving Day

Time to let the cat out of the bag — I have finally gotten a job. I’ll be working on websites for the University of North Texas in Denton. I start work on Monday, and the rest of this week is being devoted to getting me moved from Lubbock to Denton.

I guess the obvious question here is: What happens to “Hero Sandwich”? I have good news and more good news: I will be allowed to continue the blog right here at the current LubbockOnline address — no need to adjust your bookmarks. And I will continue writing about comics from a Lubbock viewpoint. I really doubt that Denton or the Metroplex will have a comics scene as vibrant or enthusiastic as Lubbock’s, even with the larger population. And the fact remains, I really want to see the Lubbock Sketch Club, Star Comics, and all the other comics creators, vendors, and hobbyists in Lubbock succeed. Sure, there will still be a ton of comics reviews and national comics news, but the Lubbock comics scene is something I enjoy getting to write about. Can I still do Lubbock justice from North Texas? I think I can… and I’m absolutely overjoyed that the A-J felt that “Hero Sandwich” was something worth keeping around. Many thanks, and much love and affection, go out to all of ’em.

Blogging may be a bit patchy over the next few days into next week — I’m hoping to have a few days’ worth of posts written and scheduled in advance for the rest of the week. However, I don’t yet know when I’ll get Internet service at the new apartment. I might be able to get it turned on right away, and it might take ’til sometime next week. If posts dry up, it just means I’m waiting for the Secret Denton Internet Consortium to turn on my intarwebz.

Denton is an interesting town — I lived here when I was going to college. It’s a wonderfully scenic area, but it’s also painfully, spectacularly hot. They have one of the most beautiful town squares and county courthouses in Texas, if not the entire country, and they have the largest used bookstore I’ve ever seen in my life. They have two different comics shops. And they still sell Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper in grocery stores, which the Lubbock stores told me was no longer being sold anywhere. I’m certainly looking forward to living and working in Denton…

…but yes, I’m also going to miss Lubbock a lot. I’ll miss Rob Mora and everyone else at Star Comics, I’ll miss Will Terrell, Robert Garza, and everyone else at the Sketch Club, I’ll miss Kenny and Derek and everyone at Awesome Books, and the guys quietly peddling roleplaying games at Mad Hatter’s place.

I’ll miss Lubbock’s mild weather. I’ll miss the musical and artistic community. I’ll miss the amazing sunsets. I’ll even miss the occasional “moral panics,” just for the ability to stand in the back of the crowd and gawp at the chaos.

More than anything, I’ll miss my grandmother, my brother, and my niece (okay, she’s a dog, but I’m part dog myself, so it still feels like we’re related). It’s been impossibly wonderful to live in the same city with them for the past eight years, and I’m already wondering how on earth I can possibly survive without getting my grandmother’s groceries or bothering my brother. I expect y’all to take good care of them so I can come visit them every time we have a long weekend.

To sum up: I’m going away, but I’m also not going anywhere. I’ll miss y’all, but we’ll still be able to see each other right here.

This is not a good-bye. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.  🙂

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  1. Will Terrell Said,

    July 9, 2009 @ 11:30 am

    I’m gonna miss you Scott. I’m glad that I’ll get to still read your blog though. I hope that Denton is kind to you. Keep smiling!

  2. swampy Said,

    July 9, 2009 @ 9:25 pm

    scooter is back in denton! but, is pooter far behind?

  3. VoodooBen Said,

    July 10, 2009 @ 11:36 pm

    You’ll be missed too, man. Drop by the store if you’re ever in town visiting. 🙂

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