Links for a Better Life!

Well, goodness knows, we all want a better life, don’t we? And what easier yet more unreliable method is there to get a better life than to click on links on a comic book blog? Have at them!

Huzzah! Now we all finally have better lives!

(sniffs) Hey, my new life smells like old socks.


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  1. Sado Said,

    July 14, 2009 @ 7:13 am

    Running for mayor of DC is like running for mayor of Ronald McDonaldland, and about as important. At least Mayor McCheese has a sash.

    I live in the Maryland/DC ‘burbs. The DC government is crippled, having to rely on the federal government for funding they don’t get through taxes. Since they have no congressional representatives (except that pathetic “Shadow Senator” position–basically a glorified lobbyist), they’re stuck with whatever Congress decides to give.

    A superhero would go nuts as the mayor of DC. DC probably needs a supervillain.

    At least a supervillain would be better than dealing with Marion Barry.