Friday Night Fights: Armed and Dangerous!

Ya say it’s been a long week of drudgery, workin’ for the Man and not making enough dough? Well, I got good news, my friend — it’s the weekend! You get a whole two days of not workin’ for the Man ahead of you. (probably won’t be making any extra money either, but them’s the breaks, kid.) And the best way to get your weekend started is with a little of the ol’ ultraviolence. In other words, it’s time for… FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!

Today, we’re going with September 1998’s Major Bummer #14, cancelled over a decade ago and still not collected into a trade paperback. What the heck, DC?! Anyway, the Lou Martin of the future, now middle-aged, balding, and packing a spare tire, takes on a multi-armed time-travelling alien… and things don’t go well.




Hope y’all have a better weekend than that…

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